Make this Valentine’s Day Extra Special

With love almost in the air and 14th February fast approaching, it is the perfect time to start thinking about treating yourself or that special someone to Baci chocolate from Trulli Baci.

A family-run online business, we were established back in 2010 and found a real need for luxurious and exclusive Italian chocolates in the UK and during our search we came across the delectable Baci.

The two Perugian founders of Baci, Buitoni and Spagnoli, set up a small workshop back in 1907 producing sugar coated almonds. Little did they know that their business would grow to become a true Italian confectionery icon as their sweets are now enjoyed and shared by chocolate lovers worldwide.

The story behind the creation of this chocolate is a romantic and passionate tale which dates back to 14th February 1922, when Spagnoli decided to include a love note with each chocolate for her sweetheart. It was too hard to keep this chocolate a secret and quickly became an instant favourite with young lovers who visited the shop in Perugia. The chocolate was first named “Cazzotto” (translated as punch) because of its unusual shape but was later renamed to Baci, which affectionately means kisses in Italian.

Today Baci is still made in Perugia, Italy and follows its original recipe, which continues to be well-loved by all. Each smooth dark chocolate is enveloped in gianduia (delicious milk chocolate, whipped and blended with hazelnut paste) and then is sprinkled lovingly with small pieces of hazelnuts and finally topped with a hazelnut. A special message of love (written in five languages) is wrapped around each chocolate and then beautifully sealed in its signature silver and blue foil wrapper adorned with tiny stars.

True love lasts forever so fall in love with Baci this Valentine’s Day. To ensure your gift arrives on time, select our Valentine’s delivery option from only £2.78.