Celebrate Easter the Italian Way

Baci has been making chocolate Easter eggs for so many years that people who received them as kids in Italy are now passing on the tradition and giving them to their grandchildren. And maybe great-grandchildren, too.

There are probably three reasons for the present tradition: the chocolate, the wrapping and the surprises inside. Each egg holds 4 pieces of“Bacio,” a “kiss” of chocolate filled with a hazelnut and the milk chocolate-hazelnut paste known as gianduia. The foil-wrapped kisses include a message of love that’s translated in five languages. Baci is one of Italy’s most popular chocolate confectionery’s since its creation in 1922..

Enhancing the presentation is the wrapping in patterned foil paper. Cinched with blue cord, the top is dramatically arranged, sometimes fanned in an arrowhead shape.

The festively packaged giant chocolate eggs are displayed in shop fronts throughout Italy in the weeks before Easter. Today, 2.5 million Baci eggs are sold each Easter around the world.

In the UK, Baci chocolate eggs are very rare to find. Here at Trulli Baci we are delighted to be able to offer these fantastic chocolate eggs to our UK customers.