The growing joy of Baci at Christmas

‘If you build it, they will come’ was a memorable quote from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams and referred to creating a baseball field on his farm. Great line – and, with just a little adaptation, could refer to the stunning new Baci Perugina Christmas ad.

‘If you plant it, it will grow’ would be a fine descriptor for the story it tells of a little girl who dearly wants to spread the love felt during the holiday season. Planting a single Baci in the snow of her front garden, she waits longingly, perhaps in vain, for anything to happen. But faith prevails and she awakes from her snooze by the window.

Outside, night has fallen, but magically, a stunning and gloriously lighted Baci tree has sprung forth to offer the finest chocolate joy to everyone she wishes to share it with.

Sentimental, we know, but this is a charmingly crafted reminder of how Christmas is about loved ones and sharing. You can spend 45 seconds judging for yourself here.

advert-imageWe promise that tiny lump in your throat won’t prevent your enjoyment of our gorgeous chocolate wonders!

Christmas should surely be Trulli Baci!

The gentle rustling of the instantly recognisable blue and silver foil would be a great sound to hear on Christmas morning – or right throughout the holiday season. Inside, you’ll find a different message of love printed on each one. Then, take the chance to bite into the sumptuous dark chocolate shell, topped with a single hazelnut and through into a sublime combination of milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces.

These make a great and thoughtful gift and are terrific for sharing with visiting friends and family. Of course, it’s also best to buy some just to squirrel away (well they do contain nuts) for yourself when peace eventually descends again after hectic days.

When a little girl’s dream comes true
Sitting longingly by the window – and didn’t we all at Christmas hoping this would make the great day arrive early – the little girl knows how much just a touch of faith and love can add to life. Everyone here at Trulli Baci hopes your holiday season is everything you would wish it to be. Season’s greetings!