Baci Perugina – Italian Chocolates With A Kiss (The Cappuccino Diaries)

I adore chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t, right? That mouth-watering smell, delicious smooth taste, you really can’t beat a relaxing evening of drinking your favourite wine and tucking into a lovely box of chocolates. Heaven.

So when the lovely people at Trulli Baci sent me one of their delicious boxes of chocolates to try, I couldn’t wait to pour a glass of my favourite rosé and dive head first into their ever so tempting box of delights.


Baci Perugina are an Italian chocolate company with a romantic and passionate history beginning in 1922 in the medieval city of Perugia. A young chocolatier created a special bonbon for his beloved and wrapped it in a love note. There are three different chocolate varieties to try, dark, milk and white and each flavour is wrapped in different sparkly coloured packaging.

I was sent a box of the dark chocolates and straight away my eye was drawn to the navy blue and silver design, which oozed pure luxury. Romance and love also played their part with the design, with a loving couple on the front accompanied with the tag line ‘Say I Love You the Italian way’ and the word Bacio means kiss in Italian. If you didn’t feel romantic before, this box will definitely get you in the mood for a bit of romance.

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