Trulli Baci Fondentissimo Review – Energya

Do you love dark chocolate? Do you love hazelnuts? Baci Perugina introduced 70% chocolate truffles called Fondentissimo. Trulli Baci kindly sent me a box of Fondentissimo chocolates to review.

Fondentissimo Baci

I received a box of Fondentissimo 70% Dark Chocolate Baci from Trulli Baci, a company based in the UK. If you are unfamiliar with Baci Perugina, they are these lovely chocolate and hazelnut truffles from the Italian town of Perugia, famous all over Italy. When I lived in Italy I ate quite a few Baci Perugina, but here in London you only tend to find them in some supermarkets, Italian delis and cafes.

The Fondentissimo Baci are covered in 70% Dark Chocolate and they are filled with a chopped hazelnuts and cocoa centre. They are topped with a whole hazelnut, also covered in dark chocolate.

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