Do novelty chocolate flavours live up to the hype?

In the last few years we have seen a global clash of chocolate giants who continue to jockey for the position of being the most wonderful and wacky chocolate producer out there. Recently, New Zeland’s most  famous chocolate producers Whittaker’s seems to be leading the pack with its newly launched and much hyped almond & cranberry chocolate, followed by hundreds and thousands and who can’t resist a bit of Jelly chocolate every now and then.

With this latest wacky flavour to hit the global shelves, we also remember some of the other weird and wonderful recipes that have received mixed reviews over recent years. The most famous of these flavours has to be the Cadburys, Vegemite combination. This remains a controversial chocolate and after being established on the shelve for many years it continues to have mixed reviews from the Australian public.

Here at Trulli Baci, we believe that great chocolate comes from the pure and simple recipes which have been hand crafted over several generations. Baci chocolate remains the king of simplicity as its unique flavour means it remains Italy’s number one chocolate. Why not try a box of Baci chocolate today.