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Taste Baci & Discover Italy 
Melted Chocolate
Baci Chocolate in a Bowl
Chocolate Baci Love Heart
Trulli Baci
Baci Perugina Gift Box
Baci Perugina Chocolatier
Baci Gift Box (21 Baci)
Inside, you'll find 21 quality Baci: milk chocolate blended with hazelnut, all found within a dark chocolate shell.
Baci Bijou Gift Box
With the Baci Bijou you can surprise your loved ones with the gift of sumptuous chocolate - or, you could always keep them just for yourself.
Baci Extra Dark Bijou Box
This new Extra Dark flavour from Baci has a unique and intense taste. It's a must for any dark chocolate fans out there.
Baci Milk (Latte) Bag
Celebrate this new exciting Latte flavour with this perfectly sized bag containing 10 delightful chocolates.
Baci Dark Tube (3 Baci)
If you've never tried Baci before, then our Baci Tube is the perfect way to sample this great Italian tradition for yourself.
Baci Milk (Latte) Tube
Celebrate this new Latte flavour with this icon 80’s Baci Perugina tube. Inside you'll find 3 pieces of this sumptuous chocolate. 
Baci White (Bianco) Bag
Baci Bianco were first launched in 2012 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the iconic Italian chocolate.
Assorted Baci Gift Box
This gift box also makes for a great post-dinner centrepiece to enjoy with a coffee or something stronger.
Baci Gift Box (12 Baci)
This 12-piece box is perfect as a gift, to share after dinner or to simply treat yourself.
The Baci Specialist Promo