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Baci Chocolate Collection

Baci Chocolate is Italy's most famous chocolate and is still made in Perugia, Italy and follows its original recipe created in 1922, which continues to be well-loved by all. Each smooth dark chocolate is enveloped in Gianduja (delicious milk chocolate, whipped and blended with hazelnut paste) and then is sprinkled lovingly with small pieces of hazelnuts and finally topped with a hazelnut. A special message of love (written in five languages) is wrapped around each chocolate and then beautifully sealed in its signature silver and blue foil wrapper adorned with tiny stars.
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Baci Perugina  Gift Box (12 Baci)
This 12-piece box is perfect as a gift, to share after dinner or to simply treat yourself.
Baci Perugina Bijou Gift Box
With the Baci Bijou you can surprise your loved ones with the gift of sumptuous chocolate - or, you could always keep them just for yourself.
Baci Dolce Vita - Limited Edition Dolce & Gabbana
Let yourself be conquered by a new and exhilarating taste experience, taste Baci Perugina Limited Edition Dolce Vita in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana.
Baci Chocolate Gift Collection
Our Baci Chocolate Gift Collection is the ultimate chocolate gift for any Baci fan.
Baci Perugina Large Chocolate Gift Box (28 Baci)
Inside, you'll find 28 quality Baci: milk chocolate blended with hazelnut, all found within a dark chocolate shell.
Baci Grisbi Biscuits - Limited Edition
Each famously filled shortbread biscuit contains the inimitable Baci crema, a gianduia cream combined with hazelnut pieces to create the ultimate taste sensation.
Baci Chocolate  Original Bag
Inside you’ll find 14 Baci. It's just the right size for one, with no need to share.
Baci Latte (Milk) Bag
Celebrate this new exciting Latte flavour with this perfectly sized bag containing 10 delightful chocolates.
Baci Perugina Crema
Crema Baci Perugina: a myth that is renewed. Savour the intense pleasure given by a gianduia cream combined with chopped hazelnuts.
Baci Bijou Gold Caramel
Gold Limited edition chocolates are made with white chocolate and covered in a rich and velvety caramel flavour.
Baci Perugina Original Chocolate Bar
The famous Baci Perugina flavour that we all know and love is now available in a tasty NEW Chocolate Bar.
Baci Chocolate In Bulk
The ultimate chocolate gift, weighing in at around 1kg (Approx 80 pieces).
Baci Fondente (Extra Dark) Bag
This Fondente Extra Dark flavour from Baci has a unique and intense taste. It's a must for any dark chocolate fan.
Baci Dark Tube (3 Baci)
If you've never tried Baci before, then our Baci Tube is the perfect way to sample this great Italian tradition for yourself.
Baci Assorted Bijou Gift Box
This gift box makes for a great post-dinner centrepiece to enjoy with a coffee or something stronger.