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Baci Seasonal Collection

From Christmas to Easter, no matter the occasion, we have an elegant Baci collection to suit. If you’re looking to pull out all the stops then Baci is the Italian chocolate for you, make sure you celebrate the country of the famous star-wrapped chocolate from our wonderful selection.

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Baci Valentine's Collection
The Baci Valentine's Collection creates a remarkable blend of taste, texture and romantic philosophy.
Baci Valentine's Teddy Bear
Looking for that perfect Valentine's gift? Then look no further then our BRAND NEW Baci Teddy Bear! 
Baci Chocolate Easter Collection
Our Baci Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter) Collection is the ultimate chocolate gift for any Baci fan this Easter.
Baci Easter Chocolate Bunny
Delight your taste buds with a charming expression of the season. It's perfect for sharing or for any Easter hunt. 
Baci Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
The hugely successful Baci recipe has been adapted for a milk (latte) chocolate flavour.
Baci Perugina Giant Chocolate Easter Egg
Order your special Baci Easter Egg today and see for yourself why Perugina’s master chocolatiers worked overtime to develop this Easter chocolate master piece.
Baci Perugina Ovetti (Easter Mini Eggs)
Perugina’s master chocolatiers have given the traditional Baci a subtle Easter twist to create the marvellous Baci Ovetti. (Mini Eggs)
Perugina Christmas Selection Bottle
The Selection Bottle is filled with 15 of Perugina's quality chocolates in four different varieties.
Baci Peruigna Assorted Christmas Selection
Elevate your holiday festivities with the exquisite Baci Christmas Assorted Chocolates Tray.
Ti Amo Valentine's Gift-Box
In our Ti Amo Baci Gift Box, you'll receive two Baci Bijou boxes (One Original & One Assorted) each wrapped in a romantic red ribbon .